Happy Valentine’s Day!

Okay, so Valentine’s Day is ALMOST over, but I’m posting anyway. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like love songs. Ever since my teen years I have LOVED making music lists–I think it had to do with all of the mix tapes I used to make. I would make lists like: Top 5 Rock Songs, Top 5 Dave Matthew’s Band Songs, Top 5 Movie Tunes, etc. Anyway, I figured I would post my FIRST Top 5 list in honor of Valentine’s Day and this list would include…wait for it…Top 5 love songs–bet you didn’t see that one coming did you?

Here’s the problem with my lists, they ALWAYS change. They can change by the year, month, week, day, or even the hour. It just depends on what I am in the mood for at the time I make the list. I tend to be a little bit of a music schizophrenic. One day I am listening to Dr. Dre and the next thing you know I’m listening to Celine Dion–okay, maybe not Celine Dion but you get the point!

So without further ado, here are my Top 5 love songs for Valentine’s 2010:

1. Unchained Melody–The Righteous Brothers
There really was no way to leave this one out. It’s a classic. It simply never gets old!
2. Your Song–Elton John
Another classic. This is one of my favorite Elton John songs only to be beaten out by Mona Lisa’s and Mad Hatters. It’s simple, and it’s lovely.
3. Make You Feel My Love–Adele
This is one of the top songs on my ipod. I listen to it ALL THE TIME. I really like Adele, and this is a great Bob Dylan remake–this song has been remade a million times by everyone from Garth Brooks to Neil Diamond. The song is simply her vocals and a piano. Very heartfelt.
4. I’ll Be– Edwin McCain
Okay, so it’s a little cheesy, but so help me I have loved this song since the day it was released–which was sometime in my early high school years. When I was in high school I considered this THE love song–along with that Bryan Adams song Everything I Do…from Robin Hood. Anyway, this one made the list.
5. Rest of My Life–Unwritten Law
If my husband and I were to declare a song “our song” this would be it. Ben found this song on the radio after we had been married a few months and he immediately wanted me to listen to it. I have fond memories of us listening and singing this song in the car all the way up to Montana when we were going to visit his family. I love how the song opens with the solo guitar and then builds the texture a little at a time adding the lead vocals, drums, and then finally harmony on the chorus, and then how it winds all the way back down to the solo guitar by the end. It’s also just a happy-feely sort of song. If you haven’t heard it then I urge you to check it out.

Honorable Mentions:
Can’t Help Fallin’ In Love–Elvis Presley
At Last–Etta James
Always–Bon Jovi
Feels Like Home–Chantel Kreviazuk
I’ll Love You ‘Til the End–The Pogues
Don’t Go Changing–Billy Joel
I Will Always Love You–Whitney Houston: Seemed like an obvious choice so I steered clear, but it is a nice song.
Everything I Do–Bryan Adams
All My Life–KC and JoJo
All You Need Is Love–The Beatles: Not one of my favorite Beatles songs so I left it off but I thought it should be mentioned.
Baby I Love Your Way–Big Mountain: If you need a little Reggae in your life…
Love Remains the Same–Gavin Rossdale
I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)–The Proclaimers: who doesn’t love this song? I dare you!

Feel free to leave your top 5 lists, or add songs that you think deserve honorable mention!

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