“Baby” for real!

Okay who is Justin Bieber? He is suddenly EVERYWHERE! For those of you who haven’t checked this kid out, musically, you aren’t missing much. His hit single right now is called “Baby.” Upon listening to the single–mind you I only made it through a 30 second itunes snippet before I HAD to turn it off–I realized that this song is about a girl and not in fact about his young age as one might have guessed–he is supposedly 16 but I’m not buying it.When I was in high school I always wondered why my dad didn’t care much for Britney Spears and the like even when I played some of their “better” ballads. At 27 years old I think I understand. It is kind of tough to take a preteen singing about love seriously. Like they really have had enough experience to be bellowing about a broken heart. Quite frankly it’s a little nauseating. The New Kids on the Block got it right with their single “Popsicle,” preteens know a lot about popsicles.

Okay, so now that I feel horribly guilty about tearing apart some poor little child’s music, I will focus on the positives. He has a nice voice for a young kid. He is the current heart throb of millions of crazed preteen girls–they deserve their New Kids On the Block/NSYNC/Backstreet Boys as much as the next person. He has a successful music career at a young age, and as long as he doesn’t do anything too crazy he can hope for a long music career. His first record features some pretty surprising partnerships like Ludacris and Sean Kingston. Finally, he’s doing better financially than most adults out there–yes, I will admit to being a little jealous.

Bottom line, if you are in the mood for a young kid singing a bunch of R&B songs about love, or you are a 12 year old girl, than “baby” Bieber is for you!

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