What I’m Listening to this Week…

Sometimes in a valiant effort to feel younger and more “hip,” I will peruse my 16 year-old brother’s iPod for new listening material. It kind of makes me feel like I have a leg up on all of the other people my age. I don’t know if it’s actually working or not, but sometimes I find some good music–not always as he is a 16 year-old boy and his taste in music can be a little touch and go at times.

Getting to the point, here are the gems I found on my brother’s iPod this week:

Break Your Heart- Taio Cruz


Bulletproof- La Roux

Other things I have been listening to the past couple of weeks–some old, some new–are:

Miss Halfway- Anya Marina


Billionaire- Travie McCoy feat. Bruno Mars

Not Afraid- Eminem

Airplanes- B.O.B.

Take them for a test drive if you haven’t already and let me know what you think.

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