Fated to Pretend

What is it about music that ignites the desire to be completely unique? You know what I’m talking about! I mean obviously there are the unique fashion trends that come from some music like goth and grunge, but even more than that, why is it that there seems to be some desire by almost everyone to “discover” the unknown/lesser known band or artist first. The band CAKE hit the nail on the head in their song Rock-n-Roll Lifestyle—great song by the way—when they said “…and how much did you pay for that rock-n-roll t-shirt that proved you were there, that you heard of them first…”

I can’t decide if the urge is an effort to be hip and cool or just another way to try and make oneself feel less mainstream! If I hear of a certain group or artist before you, does that make me more in-the-know? Thoughtful? Creative? All of the above? Just wondering…

Anyway, I bring this up because I am currently bit of an Indie Rock phase—we’ll chalk this up to my brother J. In fact, J and I have unintentionally begun a competition to see who can introduce an indie band to the other person before they become aware of them on their own. So far I think I may be winning—granted I think it may be due to what could be argued as an unfair advantage. I found a GREAT app on itunes called IndieMusic, which is basically the Pandora of indie bands. The app plays good music, bad music, and everything in between, but you are sure to find something you like if you give it a shot.

Some of the bands I have discovered recently via my new favorite app are: Matt Pond PA and Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzen. Both bands are worth checking out.

Matt Pond PA is a little more mainstream sounding—a la Death Cab for Cutie—for those of you who like to play things safe. I would check out their song Measure 3 from their album The Green Fury if you would like to give them a test drive. If you REALLY want to play it safe you can check out their cover of Oasis’ Champagne Supernova—which in all honesty, really isn’t unlike the original. Feeling a bit more bold—and by a bit I mean a wee bit—try So Much Trouble from their album Several Arrows Later. Honestly, they are a good enough group that you can buy any of their songs and get plenty of listening enjoyment out of anything you buy!

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous try Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltzen’s album Broom. The whole album is great! Sorry I can’t really narrow it down any more than that for you. For me the band sounds like a cross between Elliott Smith and Badly Drawn Boy—somehow it works.

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