Day #6: A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

So I wracked my brain over this one. I went through itunes dozens of times and all I could come up with were songs from road trips. Maybe that’s because I’ve really never been anywhere cool–unless Canada counts and even then it was Toronto which isn’t one of the more interesting parts. Anyway, I came up with 2 songs for this one.

Song #1: Rest of My Life by Unwritten Law. B and I listened to this song many times on our journey from Salt Lake City, Utah to Billings, Montana. We left Salt Lake at 11:00PM and drove through the night. There wasn’t much to see due to the time of travel, so music was pretty much what we had to stay awake.

Song #2: Drops of Jupiter by Train. My college roommate A and I ventured to Las Vegas the summer after freshman year and pretty much had this song on replay the ENTIRE WAY (that’s like 7 hours people). My husband, who is not a Train fan, would probably have had to be committed. We were pretty done with it by the time we rode back. We saw Tim McGraw in Vegas and listened to his greatest hits on replay the whole way home. Anyway, I can’t hear Drops of Jupiter without thinking of A.

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