Day #11: A Song From Your Favorite Band

My love for Dave Matthews Band began in middle school. I was introduced to Under the Table and Dreaming and after a few short snaps on the snare drum at the beginning of Ants Marching I was hooked. I was drawn instantly to the melded sounds of guitar, violin, percussion, saxophone–and on occasion flute. Kind of a jazzy/folk/rock sound. While Dave doesn’t have one of the best or most polished voices, his vocals can still captivate because of the sincerity behind them. I’ve seen the band many times in concert, I own every CD–including a rare bootleg from pre-under… days, and I will always count Dave Matthews Band as my favorite band. Even if my husband doesn’t like them.

So which song should I pick for day #10? Something predictable like Crash, Crush, Ants, Where Are You Going, or Satellite? How about one of their moving ballads like Lover Lay Down, Say Goodbye, Grace is Gone, or Baby Blue? Something upbeat like Ants, I Did It, American Baby, Funny the Way it Is, Too Much?

Nope, I’m going to go with a favorite. One that actually doesn’t include the band, one that is simply Dave and his guitar. Sister. Hands down a wonderful song, probably one of the best, and definitely my favorite.

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