Day #13: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

Okay, remember my post on Ke$ha? I find that I have VERY similar feelings between the lovely queen of Jack Daniels and the music group 3OH!3–coincidence that they have actually collaborated numerous times? I think NOT! Their music is quite inappropriate most of the time–scratch that, ALL of the time–often completely demeaning to women, and yet much like the hungover frat boys for which the music is intended to appeal, I kind of like it. It’s catchy, upbeat, danceable, and the lyrics are so repetitive that you can join in singing almost immediately. An added bonus is that the two members of this group are nerdy looking white dudes. It makes their music videos that much more enjoyable. Anyway, all of their music is pretty much a guilty pleasure, I know it’s wrong to like it and yet for some reason I do. “Nice legs, daisy dukes, make a man go woohoo!” I’m sure that’s the kind of stuff Shakespeare would write if he were alive today. Don’t you think?

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