Day #14: A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love

I love Eminem. He has always had a knack for bringing out the scathing angst that I’ve kept buried deep from my totally privilaged-upper-middle-class youth. We have a lot in common, he lived in a trailer park in Detriot and I actually saw a trailer park once! He grew up on the “8 mile” and I live 8 miles from the city! His stage name is Eminem and I LOVE M&M’s! The parallels are completely astounding aren’t they?

Okay so maybe I don’t relate at all to his music but I still love it. I actually consider him one of the best current rappers because well, most of the current rappers are crap to be completely honest. So this brings me to my song for today. It shouldn’t be a surprise that I pick an Eminem song, because if you know you know that I like Eminem and his music and always have. The surprise is for those who know me REALLY well because the song I picked was No Love by Eminem featuring Little Wayne and I absolutely DESPISE Little Wayne. Talk about someone who lacks talent. He is a horrible rapper! A total joke! Trust me, I’m a white girl from the suburbs, I KNOW my rap! I don’t listen to anything by Little Wayne, but I really like the song No Love. I can even keep myself from fast forwarding through the Little Wayne parts.

Shocked aren’t you!

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