Hey I Just Met You…

Hey I Just Met You...

A few years ago I had the pleasure of receiving a grant from Little Kids Rock that supplied my school with 30 Fender acoustic guitars.  Honestly, the fact that they accepted my application is somewhat of a miracle since the posting stated that applicants needed to have a certain amount of guitar experience in order to apply.  I had none.  Absolutely NADA!  I knew how to hold a guitar and that was about it.  However, I am not one who is easily deterred.  I simply wrote LKR a nice email begging them for the opportunity to be a part of their program promising that I would do whatever it took!  Well, the angels at Little Kids Rock accepted my humble and somewhat pathetic plea and brought me on board.  I am bringing this up for two reasons.  First, because LKR is an awesome organization that everyone should know about–If anyone at LKR is reading this know that I am by far your biggest fan!  Secondly, because not only did LKR give me a tremendous opportunity to teach guitar in my classroom, they gave me the courage to use more popular music in my classroom in a way that promotes authentic music learning.

This past fall I taught the general music methods course at the university and a good portion of the course focused on learning how to play and teach the guitar.  One day a couple of my students sat down and started to try and figure out the chords to catchy summer hit Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen.  If you haven’t heard this song you must have been living under a rock.  It was EVERYWHERE in 2012!  Anyway, I decided to be the best professor in the world nice and put together the music for them since they just happened to be working on the chords used in the song.  I’m offering it up for a free download since maybe it will be of use to someone else.  Enjoy!  And please don’t hate me if the song get’s stuck in your head for the rest of today–and most likely tomorrow.

Call Me Maybe Sheet Music–Click to Download


*Please note that I am not a guitar hero, if I was I would be touring the world making gobs of money and partying to my hearts content.  Alas, I am a just another overworked music educator that is used to putting things together quickly and prone to making the occasional mistake.  If you see mistakes or have any suggestions on how to make the arrangement better please email me at masterofmusicmayhem@gmail.com

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