Coolest. App. Ever.

Chord Detector

Okay, I might be exaggerating a little.  There are plenty of cool apps out there and I’ve barely started to scratch the surface on my blog here.  I will say that the one I am introducing today is pretty darn awesome.  Why?  Because before this app I used to have to troll Ultimate Guitar in hope of finding the tab/chords for the latest catchy radio hits that I wanted to learn on guitar (Ultimate Guitar also has  a great app by the way called Ultimate Guitar Tabs that is really worth checking out).  But then I stumbled upon this little beauty.  Behold, Chord DetectorChord Detector takes any song from your iTunes library and gives you the chords and chord charts for it.

Chord Detector--Three Little Birds

Totally.  AWESOME!  What I also love about this app is that you can play the song through the app and as the song is playing you can set the chords to scroll or have them highlighted red so that you can follow along!


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